Jewellery Guides

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to jewellery. How to wear it, which metals to choose and how to care for expensive or sentimental items. To ensure you have everything you need to assist throughout your jewellery discovery. We have put together this handy jewellery guide, to help answer all them need to know questions. 

Engagement Ring Styles

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Wedding Band Styles

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Jewellery Metals

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The 4C'S Explained

Aftercare Essentials

Our Aftercare Guide will provide you with all the information you require to keep your jewellery clean, protected and in exquisite condition throughout its lifetime.

The Aftercare Guide

GIA Certification

GIA Diamond Grade Explained

All of our loose diamonds are GIA Certified. Ensuring you receive the exact grade and quality of diamond you require.

Find out more about GIA Certification by visiting our GIA Diamond Grade Guide

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