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Create something unique. Visit our showroom and work with our team to craft the perfect ring or shop our popular designs online. Our service allows you to create your very own engagement ring online. We offer GIA certified diamonds & Lab grown diamonds with a variety of materials.

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Round Brilliant

Clean, classic, versatile and with more fire and brilliance than any other shape, it would be difficult to persuade anyone against this choice.

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Much like the round brilliant, the Princess cut is a classic and elegant shape, although with its sharp corners boasts more of a contemporary edge. 

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The Oval cut is the perfect choice if you’re wishing to savour the sparkle of the round brilliant in a slightly rarer and more elongated form. 

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The pear diamond—also known as the teardrop cut. It’s called a modified brilliant cut, one that blends the Marquise and oval cuts with one rounded end and a point on the other. Its signature silhouette is instantly recognised.

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The Emerald cut was one of the first cuts to be used in jewellery design. Its broad flat plane highlights the clarity and natural crystalline growth of a diamond.  An emerald cut exudes Art Deco charm whilst remaining effortlessly classic. 

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The elliptical shaped diamond with pointed ends of a marquise cut not only creates a slender look on the finger but also has the added benefit of looking larger than diamonds of different cuts despite a similar carat weight.

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The most popular choice, a solitaire engagement ring consists of a slim band with a single centre stone. A diamond solitaire engagement ring is a classic style that never dates. Available as a single stone or with accompanying shoulder diamonds.

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Halo engagement rings feature a centre stone surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds, creating an indulgent and contemporary look. A contemporary design that seems to be the new classic. 

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A cluster engagement ring features a collection of numerous diamonds which can craft a lavish and striking look. They are seen as a modern vintage with a classic twist and certainly stand out.

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Engagement rings with Multi / three stones, carry a triple meaning. Each Gemstone represents past, present and future. The centre gemstone is usually set higher than the complementary side gemstones. 

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Each and every ring is hand inspected before delivery, then, your treasured piece is encapsulated in our luxurious white wooden gloss and grey velour boxes. We can deliver your Engagement Ring or you are welcome to pick up your bespoke ring from our Ulverston showroom. 

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