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Perfectly balancing quality, durability, and timeless appeal, explore our exciting range of Rolex Submariner watches.

If you're looking for a watch that offers both comfort and unparalleled craftsmanship, then you've met your perfect match. From the depths of the ocean to our collection of legendary Rolex timepieces, this iconic watch boasts a rich heritage that spans decades. 

In our bespoke selection of Rolex Submariner watches for sale, you'll find a range of exquisite designs - from classic colour palettes to striking shades, we have something to suit every style.

We recognise that owning a watch goes far beyond merely telling the time. For many, it's about embracing a legacy of horological excellence. Each timepiece is expertly crafted to meet the highest standards set by Rolex, ensuring only the highest level of precision.

At SwissTimepieces, we are proud to stock some of the most prestigious names in the watchmaking world. 

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Where it all began: the diving watch archetype

You see, it all started with an idea.

René-Paul Jeanneret, a member of the Rolex Board, was after a resilient diving watch that could be comfortable enough to wear on the daily and with a design that stood out from the crowd. 

The wheels were set in motion.

In 1953, the Submariner model was designed by Rolex as a tool for professional divers. And with its impressive water resistance and robust aesthetic, we can see why it remains one of the Swiss manufacturer's most popular lines. 

For decades, its innovative engineering has set the standard for luxury divers. And, despite the odd improvement, the Submariner has remained true to its roots.

An enduring symbol of adventure. 

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Innovation at its finest

Rolex's signature Oyster case can be found on many of the manufacturer's leading models, including the Submariner. 

The first of its kind, the unique feature gives this watch its exceptional water resistance. Crafted from corrosion-resistant stainless steel, 18-karat gold, or platinum, the combination of function and form showcases a commitment to fine craftsmanship. 

To ensure a balanced fit, the standard size of the case is 40 to 41mm, although there have been some variations over the years. 

Initially designed to withstand the pressures of deep-sea exploration, the case is characterised by its strength and distinctive shape. At the heart of its construction is a screw-down crown and a screw-down case back, ensuring integrity in the most extreme conditions. 

There's one thing for sure, the Submariner will stay by your side for years to come

But it's more than just a feat of engineering, the case's sleek lines, sporty aesthetic, and attention to detail elevate its appeal.

The result? A robust and dependable timepiece that you can wear with confidence. 

Designed for the daring, worn for the everyday

Sporting a reference 6538 'Big Crown' in the 1962 film Dr No, Sean Connery put the Submariner on the map as James Bond's watch of choice.

Solidifying its place in pop culture and beyond, its rugged charm has now become synonymous with the character's suave persona. But this was far from a mere coincidence. With a luminescent display, Oyster bracelet, and hallmark rotatable bezel, this timepiece is the epitome of refinement. 

As watch enthusiasts ourselves, we can't help but be drawn in by its unwavering durability. And after all, who can resist a touch of 007 sophistication? 

With precise timekeeping and an elegant appeal, this watch is just as fit for exhilarating adventures as it is for everyday wear. 

It truly is a collector's dream...

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Classic design meets high functionality: the key features

Having stood the test of time, as well as the elements, the Submariner's resilience comes down to its meticulous engineering. 

Breaking the boundaries of masterful watchmaking, each component is designed and manufactured with longevity at the forefront - from the watertight case all the way down to the movement. 

Here at SwissTimepieces, we buy and sell luxury watches that set the gold standard for daily wear. Each pre-loved timepiece is quality checked to the finest detail, complete with a fully authenticated box and papers.

With us, you're in safe hands. 

No two watch wearers are the same, so we offer a bespoke service that goes beyond simply trying and buying. For us, it’s all about creating an unforgettable experience - we would expect nothing less. 

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60-minute bezel: for reliability when you need it most

Allowing for accurate measurements of elapsed time underwater, the unidirectional bezel is one of the Submariner's most notable features. 

The carefully considered mechanism ensures a smooth and secure rotation, giving you peace of mind even in the most extreme of environments. But you don't need to be embarking on a deep-sea dive to enjoy this functionality - its ease of use and reliable performance makes it a versatile companion.

As with all Rolex lines, the Submariner is a great investment piece. Having originally been crafted from stainless steel, with Rolex introducing ceramic bezels in its newer models, the high-quality materials offer resistance to scratches or fading. 

Created for convenience, engineered to endure. 

Ranging from a classic black shade to a vibrant blue or an eye-catching 'Hulk' green, this is just as much a design element. Polished to a high sheen and engraved with intricate minute markers, the bezel adds a touch of understated elegance. 

Triplock crown system: for safekeeping

Being water resistant is essential. But Rolex has taken it one step further. 

At triple the effectiveness, the Triplock crown system provides a guaranteed defence against water, featuring three O-ring gaskets that offer exceptional sealing properties. Located at the side of the watch and adjustable, the winding crown component enables you to interact with various aspects, including setting the time and controlling the movement. 

Away from the ocean floor, this system plays a crucial role in protecting the inner mechanism from moisture and unwanted dust. 

It's no surprise, then, that the Submariner has been crowned the ultimate diving watch.

Tempted? There's no time like the present.

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Oyster bracelet: for effortless style, for any time

Timekeeping is an art. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Rolex's legendary Submariner line. 

To the untrained eye, the watch's three-link Oyster bracelet is merely an appealing addition - fluid in design and with a robust edge that promises reliability. 

But look closer and you'll discover a perfectly proportioned system. Each link is expertly formed and made to fit, creating a shape that effortlessly hugs the wrist. With a single click, the discreet yet highly secure clasp will keep it locked in place throughout the day. Even better, the Glidelock extension system makes it easy to resize your bracelet, with no need for fancy tools or costly adjustments. 

Never compromise on comfort. Never worry about losing your watch again.

Crafted from the same material as the case, the watch's visual harmony gives it that little bit of added luxury, elevating it far above any standard waterproof wristwatch. 

And with a minimalistic aesthetic that seamlessly transitions from thrilling pursuits to formal events, this is a must-have accessory for every occasion.

Luminous markers: for unbeatable visibility day or night

Whether you're exploring murky waters or finding your way in the dark, you need to be able to read the time.

Rolex understood the assignment. 

Found on the dial and bezel, the markers provide optimal visibility at a glance, even in low-light conditions. Emitting a bright and long-lasting glow, each marker is meticulously coated with a luminescent material that can last for up to eight hours, with no need to strain your eyes.

Just as impressive in style as performance, this feature contributes to the watch's instantly recognisable appearance. 

The Submariner: a beacon of cutting-edge technology and characterful design. 

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Your questions answered…

How much is a Rolex Submariner?

Pre-owned Rolex Submariners can range in price and this will depend on a variety of factors, including age and reference. Due to a limited supply, collectors' pieces tend to be more expensive. So, if you're in the market for a COMEX, Hulk, or Smurf, we would recommend setting aside a higher budget.

At SwissTimepieces, we take pride in ensuring our customers receive the best possible value for their purchase, with all our watches being priced competitively. Although we don't usually accept offers, we can provide a discount if you choose to pay by bank transfer. 

From the moment you set eyes on that perfect timepiece to the payment process, our team is always on hand to help. Whether you have questions about a specific model, you're wanting to part-exchange your watch, or you need a little extra guidance, we've got you covered.

Where can you buy a Rolex Submariner?

You're looking for a new watch. You're immediately captivated by the exceptional performance and timeless charm of the iconic Rolex Submariner. But with so many quality models on the second-hand market, the choice can feel overwhelming (to say the least).

Here at SwissTimepieces, we have a wide range of unmissable and authentic Rolex Submariners to explore. Whether you prefer to browse online or view our pre-loved watches in person, we are here to support you every step of the way. 

From one unique story to another, there really is no better place to find your perfect fit.

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How to tell if it's an authentic Rolex Submariner?

The world of luxury watches can be tricky to navigate, with enough information to make your head spin.

That's where we come in.

Each of our Rolex Submariners is sourced from a trusted seller and carefully examined. From the materials and markings to the date- and model-specific details, our expert team scrutinises each aspect of the timepiece before confirming its authenticity. We take away the hard work, so you can enjoy your new Submariner with complete peace of mind. 

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