We are pleased to announce that Chrono24 will be housing our Swiss watch collections. Chrono24 is the leading marketplace for authentic Swiss watches and we are proud to be a part of their platform. Chrono24 offer more than 250,000 watches and their collection attracts more than 350,000 visitors every day. On Chrono24, more than 10,000 professional dealers and private sellers from over 90 countries offer more than 250,000 watches. With content in 22 languages, their website attracts more than 350,000 visitors every day. Over 2 million users have already downloaded the Chrono24 apps for iOS and Android. On Chrono24, you can find more than 250,000 watches with a total value of 2.5 billion euros. In 2015, watches worth about 700 million euros were sold through Chrono24.

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