featured in Lancashire Magazine featured in Lancashire Magazine featured in Lancashire Magazine

Lancashire Magazine were kind enough to feature us in their latest edition. We had the pleasure of visiting Blackpool Football Club and met a creative writer who was tasked with portraying our brand story and enthusiasm through an article.

From Lancashire Magazine's Website:

We have been around for 40 years now publishing content about everywhere and everything Lancashire. Our contributors are dotted throughout the county, each with their unique skill and outlook that brings together varied topics in the pages. Simply put, the county never ceases to surprise. Uncovering the history and discovering the news is what we love here at the magazine and we will do our best to publish it for you. 

We share our story with Lancashire Magazine and hope to work with them in the future showcasing some of our finest luxury watches. In the article we display an Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra, a classic yet stylish piece featuring a blue leather strap and blue baton dial. A now limited piece, we recommend the latest Omega as shown below. View the full product page here.
Omega Authentic Swiss Watch
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Lancashire Magazine:


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