Plain Band Wedding rings are available in many different shapes, also known as profiles

When deciding which ring shape (profile) to choose you should always consider which shape fits you best and fits with perfect comfort. You may also want to consider which profile suits your engagement ring style.

We have broken down all the different profiles available into a helpful guide to assist you whilst you browse for your perfect piece.


Traditional Court

Traditional in its design, offering a more rounded profile on both the inside and outside of the ring ensuring a comfortable fit Court.

Slight Court

More subtle and softer in its appearance with rounded edges, whilst maintaining a comfortable fit.


Modern Flat Court

A traditional flat profile with a modern subtle twist, whilst still ensuring a comfortable fit.


Modern Court

Modern and contemporary in its appearance, whilst maintaining a comfortable fit.


Half round

A very rounded soft profile.


Flat Court

A traditional flat profile combined with a comfortable fit.



Simple and classic D shaped domed profile.


Chamferred Edge

Subtle chamferred edges combined with a traditional flat court profile.

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