Engagement Ring Style Guide

Engagement Ring Style Guide

One advantage of buying your engagement ring from an online jeweller is the expanded access you get to ring styles. At SwissTimepieces.co.uk, we offer almost every ring style imaginable – and if we don’t have a style you are looking for, we can simply create and design any custom style of ring you require.

Engagement ring's come in all shapes and sizes, with an endless amount of designs available to choose from. This can make it a daunting task as you begin to find the perfect piece for your loved one. However all engagement rings do fall into 4 main style types, Solitaire, Trilogy, Halo and Cluster. Which we have detailed below to give you the head start you need to discover the perfect ring.



Taking its name from the French for "alone", a solitaire ring carries one single diamond. Possibly the most popular style of engagement ring, this design boasts elegance in its simplicity. The gemstone is usually set high, which allows the diamond maximum exposure to light, enhancing its brilliance. It is perhaps best suited to a woman who prefers classic style.


Trilogy rings have three stones and are understood to be the most emotionally powerful of all engagement ring styles. They are designed to represent your love in the past, present and future, acting as a real lucky charm for your lifetime together.  The centre gemstone is usually set higher than the complementary side gemstones to highlight the (usually) larger gemstone and add depth to the ring.


This style ring has a central gemstone surrounded by a "halo" of smaller diamonds to boost its sparkle and make it appear larger. Best suited to the fashion-forward woman, this contemporary design seems to become the new classic.


A cluster engagement ring features a collection of numerous diamonds which can craft a lavish and striking look. They are seen as a modern vintage with a classic twist and certainly stand out in the crowd.


To compliment the distinctive ring style, engagement rings also have varied options available for the setting of the stones. Some of these settings help define the style and overall look & feel of your ring. The most common of these settings are: Claw, Channel, Pave


Channel Set

Small diamonds are embedded along the band to extend the brilliance of the centre diamond. These rings provide a slim clean appearance to the engagement ring, which will inspire the modern woman thanks to its fresh, modern look.


Claw setting grasps the stone with claws spaced evenly around the ring. The claw settings contains pillars that hold the ring up and encourage light to flow through the diamond. Which helps draw your attention to the dazzling diamond. This ring setting is incredibly secure for your precious diamonds.


Pavé engagement rings are crafted with petite diamond accents. Pavé (meaning "paved") creates a brilliant accent for your centre diamond whether in a single row or a micro-pavé diamond halo engagement ring setting. Pave setting is similar to invisible setting, however it paves the entire width of the band with diamonds.




At Swisstimepieces.co.uk, our extensive range of engagement rings are crafted by our experienced Master Jewellers to ensure stunning results that will simply not disappoint. We do our upmost to provide a One of a Kind, one2one service, to ensure our interactions are personal and memorable whilst we help craft the perfect piece. If you are still unsure on the exact style/design that may suit your partner then don't hesitate to get in touch and enquire about our exclusive bespoke service.

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