Zenith Defy Lab...The New Era In Watch Design

Zenith Defy Lab...The New Era In Watch Design

 Reinventing the several hundred wheels that keep luxury watches ticking is no easy task. However luxury watch maker Zenith have taken it upon themselves to challenge this demanding industry with its latest release, the Defy Lab, which features an all-new, revolutionary movement that’s set to turn the watch world on its head…

 A faultless collaboration between the highly-decorated Le Locle manufacture, the R&D department of Hublot and Guy Semon, CEO of the luxury group's R&D Institute, Watch Division, based at TAG Heuer. This latest creation from Zenith is set to achieve levels higher than the benchmark left by the Legendary El Primero.

 Firstly the 44m case material itself is a world’s first. Made from the lightest aluminium composite material, some 10% lighter than carbon fibre. Aeronith, as its known, which was developed by the R&D team at Hublot, presents a whole new future to watch internal encasement one of which presents breath taking results.



 The Oscillator is made from monocrystalline silicon and its two components replace the 30 or so parts that comprise the traditional sprung balance system. The use of monocrystalline silicon eliminates the need for lubrication, resulting in less friction, which – in tandem with the increased frequency – achieves far greater accuracy for 95 per cent of its 60-hour power reserve (which is ten per cent greater than the original El Primero, despite the uplift in frequency).




 With all this in play The Defy Lab has managed to reward itself with several impressive credentials. Chronometer certification awarded on behalf of the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM), as well as thermal and anti-magnetic properties that meet criteria laid down by the International Organisation For Standards (ISO).

 With the Defy Lab, Zenith has not let its rich past distract it from looking forward, but instead has delivered a watch that not only brings with it a whole package of new technology and design, but a watch that simply defines pure elegance and precision.


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